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How To Build Something That Lasts

Posted by Joshua Marshman on


Written by: Joshua Marshman

How do you build something that lasts?

It's important to remember that this world is full of hurricanes, shifting sands, and moving winds. As a world changer, we don't want to build something that might be here today, but could be gone tomorrow. Build something that lasts. This will allow you to grow higher and reach further than you ever thought you could. 

I drive a 2008 Subaru Outback; I love that car. But unfortunately I started noticing issues with the steering and the front end started to wobble when I accelerated or decelerated. I took it in to see a mechanic while I was getting my regular oil change and they said they couldn't even do a wheel alignment because the Control Arm Bushings were so bad... "Is that why I'm wobbling so much" I thought. Sure enough it was. They said they could order the part for $300 and put them on for an extra $100; a total of $400, or I could probably order them online and replace them myself for less than that. Then I could bring the car back in and they could do a wheel alignment to inspect my work. 

Now I'm the kind of person that likes to learn. I like to do things myself, or at least know how to. So I went on to Amazon and ordered some of these replacement control arms; a front left and a front right.

I figured if I'm really going to live this lifestyle of Being The Good it should be a part of everything I do. Quality over quick-fixes (or limping along on broken steering). If I'm going to be the kind of person that builds something which will last, I have to make sure to care for the pieces of it all along the way. This upkeep of tending to problems in my life quickly, before they get really bad, will help me maintain the quality things of my life, much longer. Or at least keep my Subaru on the road a little longer.

If you're interested in knowing what else I use to help keep my Subaru in top shape, check out some of my favorites on Amazon, under: Subaru Accessories.

And As Always

If you can't See The Good, you've got to Be The Good


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