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Faith Hope Love and a Bicycle

Posted by Joshua Marshman on

Encountering Jesus.
Is there anything simpler?

Written by: Ruthann Rutherford

Faith, Hope, Love, and a Bicycle

It’s actually one of my favorite experiences in all of creation; whether it’s happening to me or someone else. I’ve traveled all around the world to catch such occasions. I’ve found many people think they have to do something special to encounter Jesus. The atmosphere has to be just right and the music just so loud to “usher” in His presence, to really have the encounter that they have been searching for. The reality is He’s truly always there. I’ve found that it’s as simple as stopping and giving Him my full, trusting attention in any given moment. The next thing I know I’m having a powerful encounter with the one who loves me the most. Everything comes into prospective, my fears and worries melt away, and I can breathe easy again. Faith, Hope, and Love really do remain when all else crumbles away as shown in 1 Corinthians 13:13.

How God Uses A Bicycle

Faith Hope Love and Bicycles
Once, I was in a small town in England hanging out with me friend and his daughter Lois. We decided to pop into a bakery to grab a bite, when I noticed some young boys eyeing up little Lois’s bike; just as we were about to leave it outside the shop. I asked these 4 young men, who were probably between the ages of 9-12, if they were getting into mischief. One of them smiled while shaking his head no, while the boy behind him just came out and said yes. I decided to stay with the bike, just to make sure that it didn’t grow legs and walk away. Looking at them I could tell that they weren’t bad kids, that they were just bored and needing some direction. So I simply started asking them questions about their lives and what they thought they were living for, if they knew that they were made with a purpose and if they had ever thought what it was for. The conversion progressed to where they get their identity from and if they thought that the things they were holding onto would last. I went on to tell them where I get my identity from, Jesus. No matter what happens it is never going to change, because Jesus is the only thing that is unchanging in this world.
Children Hear the Gospel
It is an understatement to say that their minds were blown.  They stood in amazement and pondered this for awhile. One of them kept saying, “Wow I’m going to be thinking about this all night”. I shared the Gospel with them and asked if I could pray with them. We stood in a little circle on the sidewalk outside of a bakery and we had an encounter with Jesus. They changed from little rascals, up to no good, to inspired and passion-filled sons. I walked away with a heart so full of joy I could burst. I could have so easily missed this encounter. I could have walked right by them or brought the bike inside with us, but I found a hidden moment that Jesus was inviting me into. I took a risk and stepped into it and found Him waiting on the other side. It’s that simple.


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