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Shopping That Matters

Posted by Joshua Marshman on

We are seeing more companies today that are using a portion of their proceeds to make a positive difference in the world. I don't know if it's because they see that it matters to people and these big companies are wanting to boost sales. Or perhaps the youth of a previous generation grew up with enough positivity from the likes of Captain Planet, The Magic School Bus, and Sesame Street that they are carrying it over into their professional decision-making. Either way, it is becoming apparent that the final outcome of proceeds from a products sale really matters to people. You wouldn't buy a new necklace if you new that the profits were going to tear down schools, would you? No, of course not, because that's a horrible thing to do. According to sales representation, people like shopping that makes a positive difference so much that they are even willing to pay a little extra for the same product if they know that it's going to support something that's making a difference to something that is important to them.

  • Saving the whales, elephants, or rainforest? I'm in! 
  • Proceeds are going to help people off the street? For sure!
  • You provide clean water to change a life with every purchase? Sign me up!

The point is, no matter what the cause is we live in a world where we can deal with a little "Giving Back". We notice little difference between $10.50 and $10.00. But that 50 cents when given through the purchase of 100 products adds up to $50. And with the right focus, that $50 can be turned into a year of school supplies for a struggling student, or corrective glasses for a man who has fading vision and is on the brink of losing his job. 

We live in a world of demand. The demand to buy the next biggest thing is huge for companies each year. And in a different light, the demand to survive through one more day is a prevalent reality for many others. It seems like more and more people are seeing the solution. They are seeing that there has to be a way of combining these demands to help each other. We're not coming up with more creative ways to drive sales... we are getting smarter about finding a solution for the growing demands of this modern world. Shopping is something that will never stop. Why not harness it to make a positive difference in the world, why not decide to invest in your future by taking part in Shopping The Matters. 

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