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Our Story

5050 Projects is an online based retailer that strives to bring the most inspired aspects of commercial and charitable practices into a business. Our mission is to provide thoughtful, upstanding individuals with inspiring, high quality products and subsequently donate 50% of our net profits to non-profit organizations that are directly creating a positive change in the world. Our aspirations give us the ability to serve as a link between the preservation of a beautiful world, and a community of faithful patrons. To put it simply, we provide inspiration For You that supports inspiration For The World.
5050 Projects _ Our Story

Be a Part of the 5050 Project!

Regardless of the size of a company’s profit margin, be it large or small, sharing equally with others in need is good for the soul. It makes the reward even sweeter to know that you're making a positive difference in the world around you.
So we encourage you to join our mission and take part in one of our projects. We even encourage other businesses to find ways for positive change. Choose an area of need that you’re passionate about, and partner with us at 50/50 Projects to make your own impact 50/50 style.